Learn the Step by Step Formula that can move you to the next level of Sales AND Fulfilment.

June 21st - 25th @ 12-1pm Irish (7-8am Eastern)

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During this 5 day ( 1 hour sessions) live masterclass you will learn:

1. Mindset shifts you must know to reach consistent 6 & 7 Figures

2. Strategies that move you from employee level salary to high 6 & 7 Figures

3. Step by step formula that can moves you to that next level of sales AND fulfilment

*Are you a coach, consultant or network marketer deeply craving to jump to that next level of income in 2021?
*You’re doing a lot, feels like you take all the actions under the Sun but you’re not breaking through to that €10k, €20K, €50K or €100K per month solid?
*You watch others in your industry doing it so easily & you wonder ‘what have they got that I don’t’?
*You KNOW deep down you can do more & you deserve more but you just don’t know how?


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Meet Ewa

I remember the day as if it was yesterday when I went into my coaching business full time, I was earning €3k per month overworking, I loved what I was doing but deeply craved more ease & joy around earning money & receiving clients ...
Within 2 years using simple mindset shifts & strategies, from my mentor, Bob Proctor & other multimillionaires, I’ve scrapped at least 30% of my working time per week, replaced ‘being busy’ with doing what works, and went from €50k per year to €50k per month - and since Nov 2020, €120K per month, just closing my first €Million in a year.
And now I want to help YOU too!
You have a mission to make an impact with your work.
You deserve to earn well & live in luxury as well as helping others! 
If you’re sick & tired hassling, knowing in your gut you can do so much better.
If you’re deeply craving high end lifestyle choices, live, work, travel in luxury & comfort.
If you want to give more & enjoy your life more.
Join our 5 day masterclass & learn simple shifts that will make a whole lot of difference!